FBNQuest, the investment banking and asset management group of FBN Holdings Plc, recently held a session on Plan your future with ethical investments via its webinar platform, Leading Conversations.

The webinar aimed to encourage investors to consider ethical investing as a way to achieve their financial goals while realizing value in a way that aligns with their values ​​and beliefs for society at large.

The webinar featured an interactive panel discussion of experts who highlighted the values ​​and benefits associated with ethical investing.

Seasoned experts on the FBNQuest team were Ifeoluwa Oladapo-Dixon, Deputy Director and Head of Fixed Income Solutions at FBNQuest Asset Management and Mutiat Olatunji, Private Trust Specialist at FBNQuest Trustees, along with AbudulQudus Isiaka, Senior Economist at Proshare Nigeria Limited, acting as panel moderator. .

The panel defined ethical investing as the practice of using beliefs or moral principles as the primary filter for selecting financial assets in one’s portfolio.

Ifeoluwa Dixon said investors who choose to invest in a range of ethical investments do not necessarily sacrifice returns from investments in comparable assets.

On the contrary, she said the returns of ethical investments compare favorably to those of other assets, pointing to the historical returns of Sukuk bonds relative to those of other government-issued fixed-income securities.

“Investors who prioritize their ethical values ​​over returns get the best of both worlds when they invest in ethical products. Indeed, investors should view the alignment of their investment with their values ​​as a premium to their return on investment,” Ifeoluwa said.

While discussing the topic Plan your future with an ethical investment, Mutiat Olatunji, highlighted five main categories of ethical investments; Environmental, social and governance (ESG) investing, socially responsible investing (SRI), sustainable investing, impact investing, and moral or faith-based investing.

“When you invest ethically, your return on investment has more than a financial impact. The impact your resources contribute to society or the environment is a win for the investor,” Mutiat said.

FBNQuest offers a range of ethical investment solutions, including the FBN Halal Fund and Islamic estate planning services.

He launched his Leading Conversations with FBNQuest webinar series in 2020. The series focuses on market, industry, lifestyle, consumer insights and insights that are crucial for the success of individuals and businesses.

These sessions feature seasoned professionals from FBNQuest, as well as other industry experts in corporate and private investment management, wealth preservation, financial advice, and other areas of interest.