Paytrix Secures One of the Largest Pre-Seed Investments in Fintech to Enable Online Businesses to Scale Globally

Paytrix, an integrated payments company for high-growth vertical software platforms, today announces that it has secured £5m of new capital. The investment round was led by Hambro Perks, an international investment firm focused on private equity, alongside investments from Bain Capital Ventures, Fin VC, Better Tomorrow Ventures, The Fintech Fund and a number of notable angel investors.

Global businesses are forced to navigate complex payment infrastructures, high costs, payment acceptance challenges that impede growth, and an ever-changing regulatory framework. Meanwhile, new payment ecosystems continue to emerge and create new opportunities, but remain fragmented across different geographies and inaccessible to all but the largest businesses. As the global payments market continues to grow, with over $2.5 trillion in estimated revenue by 2025, Paytrix’s mission is to be the leading provider of end-to-end payment solutions for businesses in software that wants to eliminate the friction of scaling or expand into new markets.

Paytrix’s complete all-in-one solution provides a payments curation layer that enhances the payments infrastructure as businesses grow, helping them scale smoothly. Its technology absorbs the risk, infrastructure building and complexity that comes with managing payments in-house, giving businesses more freedom to focus on growth.

Paytrix offers payment acceptance, banking as a service, and real-time payment solutions for businesses spanning marketplaces, e-commerce, gig economy, and Web 3.

Behind Paytrix’s payment curation technology is a team of payments and software experts with decades of experience spanning Currency Cloud, Western Union, Google, Softbank, Twitter, PayPal, Paysafe and HyperWallet. Today’s investment will help Paytrix scale its platform to help businesses manage their payments globally and optimize them for real growth.

Aran Brown, Paytrix, said “Very early in our journey, we recognized that there was a real challenge in how growing businesses navigate the fragmented global payments ecosystem – just as in the consumer market, there has been a big unbundling of financial services which has improved choice but created greater complexity. We believe the answer to this question is curation, not orchestration – a deeper set of connections that can support not just complex payment flows, but those same flows across multiple geographies and payment types. We are delighted that this vision resonates with such a prestigious group of investors and industry leaders.

George Davies, Partner at Hambro Perks, said:By building the curation layer for global payments, Paytrix is ​​focused on using technology to solve the economic barriers to growth facing global markets. We are excited to support a top-down approach and offering cross-border, fiat and non-fiat payments, and economy of scale; Paytrix offers a payment solution for the CEO and CFO, with the strong technology foundation required for scale and resiliency. This is a bold ambition and we believe Aran, Eddie and the Paytrix team have the vision and expertise to achieve it.

Matt Harris of Bain Capital Ventures said:At BCV, we’re constantly looking for visionary founders who want to create seismic change in how the payment ecosystem works, and we’ve found it with the Paytrix team. We have invested in a number of marketplaces and vertical platforms and have seen firsthand the challenge of payments fragmentation and how this can limit their growth globally. We are delighted to see this challenge taken up in a meaningful way.

Logan Allin, Managing Partner at Fin VCsaid, “Global payments orchestration remains fragmented and inefficient, and we believe in Paytrix’s vision to solve these difficult problems at scale for global brands. Aran and Eddie are proven operators and are performing at a record pace – we are delighted to roll out our sleeves with them.”