Large profit taking, especially in industrial and real estate meters, slid the Qatar Stock Exchange by more than 100 points on Monday and its key barometer slipped below 10,900 levels.
Nonetheless, national institutions have increasingly tended to buy net products even as the Qatar 20-stock index lost 103 points or 0.87% to 11,810.61 points, a drop in a row for the fourth consecutive session. .
Individuals from the Gulf were seen as bullish, albeit at lower levels, in the market, whose year-to-date gains were 13.17%.
About 70% of the components traded were in the red on the exchange, which saw the market reach an intraday high of 11,912 points.
Foreign funds were seen bearish in the market, whose market capitalization saw more than QR 6 billion, a decrease of 0.89% to QR 680.89 billion, mainly in the midcap segments.
Local retail investors were increasingly interested in reserving net profits on the exchange, where the industrial and banking sectors together made up over 61% of the total trading volume.
Turnover and overall trading volumes were increasing in the core market, where Gulf funds were increasingly net sellers.
Arab individuals continued to be net profit-takers but with less intensity in the market, which saw a total of 80,822 exchange-traded funds (QATR sponsored by Masraf Al Rayan and QETF sponsored by Bank of Doha) evaluated. at QR 659,878 on 16 transactions.
The Total Return index fell by 0.87% to 23,379.82 points, the All Share index by 0.8% to 3,740.64 points and the Al Rayan Islamic (Price) index by 0.84% at 2,627.5 points.
The industrial index tumbled 1.78%, real estate (1.12%), banks and financial services (0.66%), insurance (0.62%) and telecoms (0.21% ); while transport gained 0.32% and consumer goods and services 0.13%.
The main losers in the main market were Qatar General Insurance and Reinsurance, Mannai Corporation, Industries Qatar, United Development Company, Gulf International Services, Doha Bank, Masraf Al Rayan, Salam International Investment, Aamal Company, QLM and Ezdan. In the venture capital market, Mekdam Holding shares have lost their luster.
Nevertheless, Widam Food, Qatar Cinema and Film Distribution, Zad Holding, Qatar Industrial Manufacturing, Al Meera Consumer Goods, Nakilat, Gulf Warehousing and Qatar First Bank are among the winners in the main market.
Net sales of local retail investors rose sharply to QR 28.52 million from QR 12.86 million on November 21.
Foreign funds turned net sellers to the tune of QR 17.67 million against net buyers of QR 13.11 million on Sunday.
The net sales of Gulf institutions increased significantly to QR 10.36 million from QR 5.39 million the day before.
Net purchases by foreign individuals decreased slightly to QR 0.29 million from QR 1.58 million on November 21.
However, net purchases of domestic funds increased significantly to reach QR 61.04 million from QR 20.22 million on Sunday.
Gulf individuals were net buyers of QR 0.82 million against net sellers of QR 0.75 million the day before.
Net sales by Arab individuals weakened considerably to 5.6 million QR from 15.92 million QR on November 21.
Arab institutions continued to have no major net exposure for the fifth day in a row.
Total main market trading volume increased 17% to 109.88 million shares, value 47% to QR 339.26 million, and transactions 72% to 8,977.
The telecommunications sector’s trade volume more than quintupled to 5.92 million shares and its value more than six times to QR 20.69 million, with transactions surging nearly five times to 1,198 .
The transport sector’s trade volume more than doubled to 4.12 million shares and the value also more than doubled to QR 18.48 million, with transactions growing 74% to 363.
Real estate trading volume soared 44% to 15.37 million shares, value 94% to QR29.15 million, and deals 42% to 664.
The banking and financial services sector saw its trading volume increase by 33% to 30.55 million shares, 83% in value to QR 150.72 million and 77% in transactions to 3,423.
The trade volume of the consumer goods and services sector increased by 7% to 16.07 million shares, the value by 7% to QR 27.1 million, and transactions by 26% to 782.
However, there was an 11% contraction in industrial sector trade volume to 36.91 million shares and 3% in value to QR 89.98 million but a 44% expansion in transactions to 2,457. .
Insurance sector trade volume fell 8% to 0.93 million shares, while value jumped 13% to QR3.15 million and trades 13% to 90.
In the venture capital market, volume, value and transactions grew by 8.45%, 8.26% and 63.64% respectively.