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Fair Lady of Rohan - an Eowyn Fansite

Westu Hál!

Welcome to the realm of the Fair Lady... my Éowyn Fansite. Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien's epic tale, Lord of the Rings and my favorite character, Éowyn - and to showcase my affections for the Rohirrim race and the land of Rohan.

So send your horses on over to the stable and stay for a pint of ale!

So fair, so cold.
pale spring
Like a morning of pale Spring still clinging to Winter's chill.

What's New

New Affiliate

I'm honored be affiliated with Vespera. - A shrine to Arwen Undómiel Evenstar.

Posted on Jan 26 2011 by Lady Rohan

Two New Affiliates

I'm honored to announce two new affiliates, Frodo Forever & The Elfstone! Please check out these awesome sites.

Posted on Jan 25 2011 by Lady Rohan

Cleaning & Rearranging

As aesthetically pleasing the page titles were, they lacked in functionality regarding search engines. Sticking with simple text rather than an image will improve site indexing for web crawlers and the visually impaired. I also rearranged the menu to flow better, placing the more significant links first. And stupid me! angry I did a gallery upgrade without backing up my files so now I need to reset the style and layout.

Posted on Jan 24 2011 by Lady Rohan

New Music | New Videos | Award Presented | New Affiliate

New music has been added. Born of Hope & The Hunt for Gollum; both available for download. The video page has been cleaned up and new videos have been added. Thank you La Luna's World for presenting me with your Certificate of Insanity award which is now proudly displayed on my awards page. I'm honored to now be affiliated with Fair of Face. A wonderful Legolas Greenleaf site.

Posted on Jan 22 2011 by Lady Rohan

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