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Eowyn & LOTR Blinkies

Éowyn blinkies I have made and other LOTR blinkies I have collected from the web. If you use my Éowyn blinkies, all I ask is that you DO NOT claim them as your own. A credit link back to me is appreciated but not necessary. If you see a blinkie here created by you and I have not given you credit, please and let me know.

Eowyn blinkies made by me.

Eowyn blinkie Eowyn blinkie Eowyn blinkie

Blinkies adopted from The Elfstone
(the Elfstone is no longer online)

Eowyn that smile blinkie Faramir son of Gondor blinkie Legolas be the bow blinkie
Arwen the Evenstar blinkie Aragorn never be scared blinkie just resting my eyes blinkie

Lord of the Rings blinkie Faramir blinkie Haldir blinkie
Boromir blinkie Smeagol blinkie Eowyn blinkie
Eomer blinkie Galadriel blinkie Rivendell blinkie
the Fellowship blinkie Gandalf blinkie Gollum blinkie
Gandalf the Grey blinkie one ring to rule them all blinkie one ring to rule them all blinkie
Aragorn blinkie I see Hobbits blinkie Legolas Rocks blinkie
Smeagol blinkie Hobbit Fan blinkie Absolute LOTR Lover blinkie
Samwise Gamgee blinkie Hobbits Rule blinkie Frodo blinkie
Hobbits blinkie Bilbo Baggins blinkie Gimli Rocks blinkie
Arwen blinkie Lovin Legolas blinkie Legolas blinkie
Legolas greenleaf blinkie I Love Aragorn blinkie Rangers are Sexy blinkie
Aragorn blinkie Lothlorien blinkie I Believe in Nazgul blinkie
I Believe in Orcs blinkie Frodo Has Left the Shire blinkie Middle Earth blinkie
I Love Frodo blinkie Legolas Obsess Much blinkie Fairest of all Beings blinkie