Online consolidation loans -Request a credit consolidation loan 100% online today

What is a consolidation loan? Conditions for the consolidation of credit obligations What about a debt consolidation loan? Many borrowers incur several financial liabilities at the same time. Suddenly, then, it turns out that they have to pay big capital and interest installments per month, plus fees for housing and living. Therefore, it is worth considering consolidating your liabilities in…

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Number of indebted families in Brazil falls

According to a survey by the National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism (CNC), Brazilian consumers started 2017 less indebted. According to the Consumer Debt and Delinquency Survey (Peic), 55.6% of households had some type of debt in January this year, before 54% in 2016. This research takes into consideration credit card debts, postdated check, store card, car…

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Real Estate loan debt rescheduling.

The current status of construction and real estate loans. Debt rescheduling without prepayment penalty Free initial evaluation Experienced lawyers Real estate loans amount to high sums, usually in the six-digit range. At a time of falling interest rates, debt rescheduling is one of the most burning issues for all borrowers who have borrowed money to build or buy property in…

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